Friday, November 27, 2009


This was my third and best Thanksgiving Dinner at Casa Grande in Chichester, NY. It's the fabulous home of Cynthia Garcia and Laura Anderson. It was warm, cozy and delicious. Cynthia made Roast Turkey with Rich Shallot Gravy, Sausage Stuffing and Spice Rubbed Ham. Laura made Mac & Cheese, Chipotle Deviled Eggs and Collard Greens. Karl Åberg made a Warm Corn Salad with Bacon. Renate Winter brought a Smoked Whole White Fish. Chris Lutowski made Cranberry Compote and a Sweet Potato Casserole. Peter Occolowitz made a Concord Grape Pie and a Apple Tart. Stephen Garstang made individual Pumpkin Custards. Clarissa made Brussles Sprouts with Horseradish and Bacon. Vicki Starr brought a Tossed Green Salad. Leticia made Spicy Swedish Meatballs. Susannah Gaterud-Mack provided the Malbec. I don't remember what Sheila O'Niell made. Anyway, I made Warm Potato Salad and added Dill this time in honor of Fredrik. He's still trapped in Sweden. When all was said and done I eat so much I was dizzy. There were also 9 dogs present. My dog Malo was not happy about that and tried to start riots all night.

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