Friday, November 30, 2012


Tour starts in Kansas City and I took the train from Los Angeles to meet the boys. I arrived at 7:30am and headed down the boulevard to Czar Bar less than a mile away. I started to panic because there were no places to eat on the way until I finally arrived at the venue. Right next door Sally's Deli just opened for the day and they serve Breakfast! Eggs, Bacon and WiFi… What more can a Hungry Bear ask for?!


For the first time in my 25 year friendship with Lysa and Melinda Provencio we spent Thanksgiving together. It was one of the best Turkey Day meals I've ever had. The highlights were the Green Beans with Almonds, Carrots and Kale, the Chorizo Cornbread Stuffing, the Roasted Brussel Sprouts and the Orange Cranberry Sauce. Wow.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


One of my last nights in Tulsa was very special. The Living Arts hosts a blockbuster Day of the Dead fest with murals, alters, music and food trucks. It was so festive with so many things to see and taste. I had a couple Tamales, a cup of Sweet Corn and a Grapefruit Jarritos made with Pure Cane Sugar. Mexicans always keep it real.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Okay, Halloween is Carla-Rose's favorite holiday. The house was decorated, spooky music was blaring and she was dressed like a witch to greet the hordes of kids lined up for trick or treating. That alone was satisfying, but then Linda brought over not only candy for us, but also a Pumpkin themed meal that warmed our bellies and our hearts. Pumpkin Stew with Chickpeas and Lentils. What?! Garnishes included Nuts, Sour Cream, Cheese, Cilantro and Pumpernickel Bread with Butter and Pumpkin Butter. For desert: Chocolate and Pumpkin Brownies. Yes! All Tricks were Treats here!


Linda had Johnathon, Carla-Rose, Greg Deverges, Robert Perry and I over for a hearty Fall meal. All Vegetarian, naturally, she served us Portabella Mushrooms with crumbled Blue Cheese over Spinach and Mashed Potatoes. On the side, Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Apples and Cranberries. Everything was so well seasoned we could hardly stand it. The bucket of Caramel Candied Pecan Ice Cream put us over the top and certainly wrapped up Summer for good. Fine by me!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The Rusty Crane just opened in Tulsa and it's one of many new businesses making good of gorgeous brick buildings downtown in the Brady District. They do a mash up of Tex Mex and BBQ. We started with fried to order Chips and three Dips that lasted about 35 seconds cause we were all starving. As an entree, I had the Pulled Pork with Sweet Potato Fries. OMG, the Pickles and Red Onion put it over the top. Johnathon had a Veggie Burger, of course. Carla-Rose and her mama Ms. Linda Branch split a Veggie Burger and this concoction called a Yumlada... Part Enchilada, part Wet Burrito. Completely delicious!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Fall is in full swing here in Tulsa, OK. Johnathon and I got in at 6am and by 1pm I woke up starving. On her way out, Ms. Carla-Rose listed off what was in the fridge to eat. I chose the left over Brown Rice and heated it up with Eggs and these tasty Veggie Sausage they always have stocked up in the freezer. I'm a Carnivorous guest in a Vegetarian home. Let's see what happens in their beautiful kitchen...