Monday, February 15, 2010


When I lived in Seattle my friend Joel Metzger made Homemade Popcorn one night when we were going to watch a dvd. I never knew you could make it with just some oil and a pot. It was the best Popcorn I'd ever had and I've made it this way ever since. I use enough Canola Oil to just cover the bottom of the pot. I place one kernel in, turn the flame to high and as soon as the kernel pops it's ready to add the rest. I pour in an equal amount of kernels as I did oil and put the lid on. I shake the contents while keeping the pot on the burner until the popping stops. Add Sea Salt to taste. I think Canola Oil and Sea Salt add enough flavor, but for extra decadence you can pour on some melted Butter. Bam!

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  1. this is the only way I make popcorn. It might be the Mexican in me, but I only like with salt and fresh lemon juice