Thursday, March 25, 2010


I must admit that I've been eating the same things over and over lately. I was in Kingston yesterday, so I decided to go to Adams to find inspiration. I remembered I used to order something called Shrimp Cubano from Teddy's in Williamsburg. It was basically Pepper Jack stuffed Shrimp wrapped in Bacon. It's about time I tried to make it at home. I bought a half pound of peeled and deveined Jumbo Shrimp. I did half as Shrimp Cubano and half as a simple Shrimp Pasta. I didn't need to season the Cubano because the Pepper Jack and Bacon add so much flavor. For the Pasta I just did what Ina said is the best way to make Roast Shrimp... I tossed them in Olive Oil, Kosher Salt and Ground Pepper and bake them at 400º for about 5 - 6 minutes. Mine took longer and I was so afraid of over cooking them that I kept taking them out to see if they were done. Don't do it! Just let them do their thing till they're a beautiful color. For being my first time, it turned out really really good. Shrimp Fest!

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  1. oh my god that sounds good
    yeah even the bacon